Who We Are

8 Jan

Bulwark® Protective Apparel is the largest manufacturer of flame-resistant apparel and accessories.  Bulwark is part of VF Corporation, VF has been in business for over 100 years and is the world’s largest apparel manufacturer.

Throughout Bulwark’s history, we’ve made it a priority to lead the industry with technological advances, the broadest product line, most robust service platform, and diverse international distribution capabilities that raise the bar for safety, durability and dependability.  While always keeping the protection of the wearer as our primary concern.

Each year Bulwark authors and publishes the Industry Update. Our technical publication has been the guide for manufacturers, safety managers and wearers in the flame resistant protective apparel industry for over 40 years. Bulwark takes a leading position in national consensus standards writing organizations such as ASTM International and the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association).

Bulwark provides the broadest range of flame-resistant apparel products to the market.  The level of choice available means that our customers can utilize a single source for any FR protective garment need. The breadth of the product line is continually supplemented with new products from the Bulwark innovative product development team. Bulwark pioneered many of the technological advancements in the FR market, and continues to do so with the industry’s most comprehensive collection of technical personnel.  More than any other supplier to this industry, we have played a key role in the ongoing development and continuing improvement of flame resistant garment technology.  Our rich history in this business assures a proven track record of garments tested in the most extreme working conditions.

Known for its innovation and quality, Bulwark provides unparalleled protection, comfort, and durability to hundreds of thousands of workers in electrical utilities and the chemical, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries across the world.  Bulwark pioneered Durable FR Cotton over 35 years ago and has continued to be the first to introduce great advances in FR garments and fabrics in the years to follow. In 1997 Bulwark was the first to introduce 65% NOMEX®/ 35% FR rayon garments to the market to address comfort in inherent fabrics.  A year later, Bulwark was the first to introduce durable FR cotton knits to the market. This innovation continues today with Bulwark being the first to introduce the latest in cutting-edge flame resistant apparel to the FR market, Cool Touch® 2.

Bulwark continues its heritage of innovation and leadership by offering the most comprehensive product line of shirts, pants, coveralls, outerwear, and accessories with over 3400 stock styles in a wide range of sizes, fabrics, styles and colors.  This enables us to provide Bulwark Protective Apparel regardless of their locations around the world.

Bulwark manufactures 95% of our product line which allows for complete customizing capabilities and fulfillment of the majority of stock item orders to be shipped within 48 hours.  In addition to our US distribution capabilities we also have diverse international distribution capabilities throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia with presence in over 60 countries worldwide.


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