Got Stains?

18 Jan

It’s the end of the day, you’ve worked hard and you are tired. You realize you have a nasty stain on your FR shirt. What do you do? Probably throw it in the hamper, who am I kidding…probably on the floor, and leave your wife to worry with it. Well, the first important thing to do is determine what the stain came from. Was it from lunch or was it from something you came into contact with during your normal job function? If your stain is mustard, no worries, just follow the care instructions inside your FR garment. The main thing to remember is to not use bleach while cleaning your garments, guess you should tell your wife that, huh? If your stain is something flammable, it should be removed immediately and replaced with clean FR shirt. Home or industrial laundering may successfully remove most types of both flammable and non flammable soils. However, home laundry detergents may not successfully remove some types of soil found in industry, especially heavy greases and oily soils. If flammable soils are not completely removed, the FR properties of the garment may be compromised.  It may be difficult to determine that flammable soils have been completely removed, but indicators would include the presence of stains and/or odors after laundering. However, staining alone is not an indication that the soil has not been adequately removed. If it appears that the garments may still be contaminated after home wash, laundering at a local commercial or industrial laundry may be required. Dry cleaning may be used to remove oils and greases.

If there is ever a question about whether a stain could compromise the FR properties of you garment , Bulwark will conduct flame resistant testing of the garment to determine its flame resistance. Just be aware that this is a destructive test and the garment will be destroyed.

Stay Protected and Stain-less


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