29 Apr
This week, we were approached with an opportunity to have our brand name appear on a NASCAR race car. We did it. But why? After all, the notion of safety apparel ripping around an oval at 200 mph does seem a bit contradictory, doesn’t it?
But here’s what drove our decision.

At Bulwark, FR is what we do. Moreover, it’s all we do.  And we have committed our passion to illuminating the real risk of fire and protecting the real people that face it.  Every day.  For 42 years. When you think about it that way, our appearance on the No. 31 car this weekend in Richmond makes perfect sense.

Friends, we need to get the word out. We need to make sure the workers pouring into the oil and gas industry know about fire hazard.  About FR clothing. About us.

We need them to understand flame resistant workwear is not a job for posers or Johnny-come-latelys. It’s a job for the one brand that began setting the pace more than four decades ago, and has remained in the industry’s pole position ever since. A brand of obsessive diligence, a brand without compromise, Bulwark.
So that’s why we did it.
So that they might know.

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