Safety 2013: A Retrospective

1 Jul

Two new booths a’ buzzin’.

Countless connections made.

FR Genius-ing at its finest.

And showgirls – dozens of fantailed, feathered showgirls.

Sprinkled (and quite impressively spangled) about the conference show floor.

These are but a few of the glitzier highlights from Safety 2013 in Vegas. All memories that explain why we at Bulwark described our experience on the flight home so often as being, well, kinda “Kick ASSE.”

Of course, it was our privilege – and honestly, our obligation – to be there.

For more than five decades the American Society of Safety Engineers has been serving up a professional development conference that arms attendees with top-notch, mission-critical SH&E information and insight. In an atmosphere that is conducive to networking, and knowledge-sharing. In just under that same span of time, Bulwark has been working tirelessly to outfit those uncompromising individuals who make occupational safety their vocation with the very best FR has to offer. In every possible way.

It only makes sense we get together.

So to all the organizers of this incredible event, thank you. And to the thousands around the world who devote themselves to helping create safer workplaces by preventing fatalities, injuries and illnesses – we salute you. It was an honor to reconnect with you at Safety 2013. Though Vegas in all of its flashy, outrageous, larger-than-lifeness can get to be a bit much, the venue also provides us the chance to give you something you rarely receive, never expect, and so richly deserve.

A little time in the spotlight.




 FR Lounge

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