Heat Stress: By The Basics, And The Base Layers.

27 Jul


“How do I help my guys stay cool in the hot summer months?” That may be the #1 question we at Bulwark receive this time of year, every year. The world’s #1 FR brand is here to help guide you with some cold, hard facts.


    1. Remember the 3 Rs: Rehydrate, Rest and Recognize
      Drink cool water often and before you feel thirsty.
      Take breaks in shaded/air-conditioned areas:
      Especially when daytime temps are at their peak.
      Shorter, more frequent work/rest cycles are best.
      Learn to recognize the symptoms of heat-related illness in yourself and others; and report concerns immediately.

    3. NEVER Cheat In The Heat
      Keep shirts buttoned, sleeves rolled down, and tucked in.
      FR clothing can only protect you if worn properly.

    5. The Right Base Layers Boost Comfort
      – Wicking base layers move perspiration from the skin outward, to allow for faster evaporation, and constant comfort.
      – An FR base layer adds protection and might even allow for the use of a lighter weight shirt without sacrificing ATPV/ Protection.
      – ALWAYS select a base layer that is flame resistant or at least 100% cotton



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